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About the Comic

Looking to find direction in his life, 22-year-old Louie Martin makes the decision to enlist in the military. Despite his lack of athletic prowess, his technological skills quickly catch the attention of the infamous General Arthur McCoy, who takes the young private under his wing.

Stuck between high expecations, finding independance, and having his world view challenged, can Martin navigate his new life and make it out of Area 51 alive?

Meet the Crew

Collin Bogert
A bust portrait of Collin Bogert looking smug while holding a placard that reads 'NEVADA STATE PRISON, 14 15 20 9 10, COLLIN BOGERT'


Cat Ford
A bust portrait of Cat Ford looking smug while holding a placard that reads 'NEVADA STATE PRISON, 14 7 20 15 19, CAT FORD'

Lead Artist

Louie Chudziak
A bust portrait of Louie Chudziak looking terrified holding a placard that reads 'NEVADA STATE PRISON, 5 5 9 5 18 5, LOUIE CHUDZIAK'

Web Development
Emotional Support


Q: How was the comic conceptualized?

A: The characters of General McCoy and Private Martin were first created in 2014 for the Eddsworld Fan Movie project. After several years of development and then cancelation, the characters ended up in the laps of Collin and Cat, who made the characters their own, completley independant of their original Fan Movie counterparts. As such, this is not an Eddsworld fan project or affiliated with Eddsworld in any way.

Q: What is the comic's release schedule?

A: We typically try to do 2-3 pages a week on Twitter and here on our website. We're both busy with our own personal lives and education, and do this comic in our freetime, so there may be fluctuations with the schedule. Keep up to date on our social media to see when new pages drop!

Q: When does the comic take place?

A: The comic begins in summer of 2014. Remember FNAF?

Q: Can we see McCoy shirtless?

A: no

Content Warnings

This comic is intended for a PG-13 audience, and contains several discussions and depictions of serious mental health topics. Viewer discretion is advised.