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Arthur McCoy

A character bio for Arthur McCoy. Age: 57, Height: 6'10, Date of Birth: April 24th. Rank: General, Pronouns: He/him. McCoy is of Irish-Austrian descent, and is cisgender and aromantic-asexual. His hometown is Scotia, New York. Fun facts include: he loves Kraft Mac n' Cheese, he has a picture of his bird inside his uniform hat, and he has owned the same flip phone for over 15 years.

Louie Jude Martin

A character bio for Louie Jude Martin. Age: 22, Height: 5'7, Date of Birth: May 11. Rank: Private Second Class, Pronouns: He/him. Martin is of Italian-German descent, and identifies as cisgender, gay and asexual. His hometown is Beloit, Wisconsin. Fun facts include: he has a massive Vocaloid playlist on his iPod, he cries over ASPCA commercials, and he says things like 'golly' unironically.

Doug Guerra

A character bio for Doug Guerra. Age: 31, Height: 6'1, Date of Birth: February 6. Rank: Lieutenant, Pronouns: He/him. Guerra is of Mexican descent, and identifies as cisgender and straight. His hometown is Grapevine, Texas. Fun facts include: he was attacked by a dog in middle school (hence the injuries), he confiscates snacks and other items from subordinates for personal use, and he has zero social media presence.


A character bio for Sophia. Age: 4, Height: 0'6, Date of Birth: April 4. Rank: N/A, Pronouns: She/her. Sophia is a budgie bird. Her hometown is Alamo, Nevada. Fun facts include: She loves oranges, she can, in fact, talk (a bit), and her favorite place to sit is on McCoy's work papers.

Cassandra 'Casey' Anderson

A character bio for Cassandra 'Casey' Anderson. Age: 22, Height: 5'2, Date of Birth: June 8. Rank: Private First Class, Pronouns: She/her. Anderson is of Korean-Swedish descent, and identifies as a cisgender lesbian. Her hometown is Nashville, Tennesse. Fun facts include: She previously worked at a summer camp (is great with kids!), she loves everything apple-related, and she has a passion for baking.

Ethan Russell

A character bio for Ethan Russell. Age: 21, Height: 5'8, Date of Birth: December 8. Rank: Private First Class, Pronouns: He/him. Russell is of Scottish descent, and identifies as a cisgender straight ally. His hometown is Walla Walla, Washington. Fun facts include: He has 4 brothers (2 older, 2 younger), he frequently injures himself doing really stupid things, and he has the lowest GPA of the cast.